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Audrey has been serving the residential real estate market for over 21 years as a second generation REALTOR®. She helps experienced homeowners, first-time home buyers and investors alike by guiding and educating them through the meticulous details of selling and buying real estate in the Bay Area. In this ever-changing real estate market, Audrey's expertise in trending, analyzing and knowledge of all of the unique specialties the neighborhoods will be the skills that you will want and need to guide you with one of the most important and life-changing purchases or sale that you will ever make in your life!

Your home is unique, and so are you! Audrey will design a unique custom plan to market your home, one that combines a personal wealth of experience, information, ideas, connections, and creativity. 

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“Audrey made life changing moves for my family and I. We are so grateful that she found our home. it is a perfect match! We always had great communication and went above and beyond! I definitely recommend Audrey!”


Brandi E.


“Audrey really listened to my family and what we wanted out of a house. She then took her time to explain options and the pros and cons of every choice. Never did she hide insight or impressions from us, but neither did she lead us one way or the other. Often she would just give us things to think about or consider. It was like having a family member lead us through the process and it made it so much less scary. I recommend her and though I hope to avoid buying a house again anytime soon, if I did it would be Audrey that I would want to be my realtor."


Gretchen K.


“Audrey is the ultimate professional. She lives and breathes real estate and has the ability to handle the most difficult real estate circumstances. She and her real estate partner helped us sell our home and get us into the home of our dreams. It wasn't easy but she did it with class. My wife and I have the utmost respect for her not only as a professional real estate agent but as a person. Highly recommend!!!”


Paul W.